Living Well Community

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“I love the river, the trees, and the open meadow of the community park. Although as an individual I could never have owned a property like this one, as a member of the Living Well Community, it’s mine to enjoy.”


The land within the Living Well Community has beautiful, unique features that draw people to it.


Humans have been interacting with this land for at least 10,000 years, as evidenced by the ancient fish weir in the river, abundant rock flakes from tool making, and pottery shards from cookware of earlier inhabitants. See more on Living Well Community and nearby history.


Living Well Community sits at the confluence of the Deep River and Sandy Creek, and also contains several smaller creeks. People are naturally drawn to be near water, to see it and hear the healing sounds. The name “Living Well” references this connection.


The river supported the abundance of food that attracted ancient peoples to this site. Many people who visit Living Well find the land itself to be nourishing, welcoming and health promoting. Energy from meta-volcanic rock formations, as well as residual effects on the land from others who have traversed here and found comfort, contribute to this field of energy.

Village Surrounded By Natural Areas:

Living Well Community homes are on a ridge that extends down the peninsula between Deep River and Sandy Creek, well out of the flood plains of these bodies of water. A 53-acre conservation buffer along the water is accessible, yet will remain natural in perpetuity.


The first section of the beautiful Deep River Trail / Greenway passes through Living Well Community along the river. Work is underway to connect both to the south across the river to Ramseur and north into the scenic Franklinville downtown river park. Eventually it will provide walking and bike connections to nearby community greenways, and potentially to other regional and statewide trail systems.