Looking to the future, we give expression to mutual hopes and dreams.

Short-term goal


- Enjoy weekly music jams

- Establish park & grounds master plan

- Develop plan for goats, bees and chickens

- Continue expanding the thriving community garden

- Have more fun!


Longer-term goals


- Build a well for drinking water and gardening needs

- Establish a community house

- Use car and truck share

- Expand orchard

- Develop community solar

- Install electric vehicle charging stations

- Create a natural swimming pool

- Blaze more walking trails

- Plan for tiny house area

- Establish aquaponics system greenhouse

- Have lots more fun!


Future Components of Conceptual Plan


- Additional residential areas

- Small business areas

- Organic farm

- Conference center

- Campground

After watching developments all over our beautiful Mother Earth, in 2011, my husband and I made the decision to build an energy-efficient home in a beautiful, virgin place, with natural water close-by, copious gardening opportunities, neighbors of similar outlook, and the resources to build and grow what people need to keep themselves alive if more difficult times should become a reality. If difficult times do not challenge  our future, I am happy being "stuck" with an energy-efficient home in a beautiful,  virgin place, with natural water close-by, copious  gardening  opportunities, neighbors  of similar outlook, and a wonderful, peaceful  quality of life. I'll just have to put up with it! As I write this, I am looking out of my great room windows directly into the tree canopy, blowing gently with uncharacteristically cool July breezes; I am listening to dozens of birds enjoying themselves at our feeders. Gratitude is by far my primary emotion.