Living Well Ecovillage

Living Well Ecovillage is a neighborhood that values social, cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. We commit to working together to create a community that restores harmony and minimizes harm through physical design and personal and community practices.

Our Vision: We are an ecovillage whose resilience and joy arise from caring for the land, serving the greater good, and building relationships based on personal integrity and shared responsibility.

Our Mission: Live our vision at Living Well Ecovillage and share our learnings with others.

We believe that when we embrace diversity, we honor the sacred in one another and learn from one another, harnessing our collective genius and creating a community that is a rich and exciting place to live. We celebrate differences among us including, but not limited to age, race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, family composition, physical and mental abilities, perspective, worldview, prosperity, and religious, secular or spiritual path.

Do you want:

  • to live more simply, grow more of your food, and cultivate more traditional skills?

  • to be part of a welcoming, close-knit neighborhood that values different life experiences, insights and traditions?

  • to live a life more consistent with your care for the Earth?

  • to raise your children in a safe, multicultural community surrounded by natural open spaces?

  • to enjoy beauty and peacefulness of living in the country with the convenience of having neighbors, city services and fast internet?

If any of these are true, and you’d like to be able to help shape how the community develops as it grows, then Living Well might just be the place for you!