About Us

Living Well Community is a growing ecovillage located on the beautiful Deep River in the center of North Carolina.

We are a community who responds to the challenges we see in the world in positive, constructive ways.

What sets us apart?

The Land

  • 126 acres with 53 acres preserved as a conservation easement

  • Large community garden and park

  • Bordered by the Deep River and Sandy Creek

  • Mountain-like topography

  • Located in central NC; 26 miles from Greensboro. 1-2 miles from library, school, fire department, gas, drugstore, hardware, grocery, town offices, riverside park/playground. 10 miles from hospital, urgent care, theaters, gym, community college, big box stores, restaurants.

  • The longest section of the beautiful Deep River Rail Trail passes through the community along the river.

  • Town-maintained road with city water and sewer; buried utilities; fiber-optic internet available

The Design

  • Village design with houses clustered; surrounded by woods

  • Energy efficiency and green building principles

  • Common space and individual homes with private yards

  • Future sections include a small business / commercial district, tiny house and cluster housing areas, and a separate 10-acre farm

The Community

  • We’ve come together from all over the U.S. to build a cooperative community

  • We value diversity of age, religion, race, sexual orientation and background

  • We are a new kind of neighborhood dedicated to living sustainably, mindful of our earth’s finite natural resources

  • We build caring relationships and joyful, creative lifestyles that honor the well-being of all

At Living Well Community we share four core values:


  • We are committed to building with awareness of our impact on the planet.

Health and Wellness

  • Recognizing that health is our natural state, we encourage practices that create and support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Honoring The Sacred

  • We honor the sacred within and around us, and support all people in their individual spiritual growth and development.

Service To The Greater Good

  • Our main purpose is to be of service to ourselves and others. We aspire to bring joy, peace, love and justice to the world. Being aware of how our actions affect others, we participate in local outreach projects. Our community hopes to share what we’re learning in ways that inspire others to create lifestyles that have reverence for the earth and compassion for all.