Our Future

Looking to the future, we give expression to mutual hopes and dreams.

2021 Developments

Despite having to reduce contact this year, some of the 2021 accomplishments included selling six more lots, starting one new house (four are waiting for builders and carpenters to be available), finalizing plans for the park, greatly enhancing the beauty of the park including lots of flowers, a new cedar table for the cob oven, and the beginnings of a natural playground. Bylaws got approved, the first resident-owned business opened, the campground had its first guest, we had a book study group on Emergency Preparedness, and we added chickens to the garden area..

Short-Term Goals:

  • Pour the foundation for the community structure in the park

  • Add more activity options to the park area

  • Have more live music and art/craft gatherings

  • Level and add swales to the orchard area, then plant new trees

  • Continue expanding the thriving community garden

  • Blaze more walking trails

  • Increase the size of the blueberry patch

  • Plan for tiny house area

Longer-Term Goals:

  • Establish a community house

  • Use car and truck share

  • Develop community solar

  • Install electric vehicle charging stations

  • Build a well for gardening needs

  • Additional residential areas

  • Small business areas

  • Organic farm

  • Conference center

  • Campground facilities