“Being chemical sensitive, I was happy to find a community where few, if any, toxic chemicals are used for lawns, common areas, and the community garden. My cottage was built using materials with low toxicity and high energy efficiency. The general mindset of members is to choose natural alternatives and focus on living healthy lifestyles, which is a good fit for me.”


“It was important to me, if I was going to give up the convenience of being in the heart of a larger city, that I be able to radically lower my carbon footprint, grow most of my food, and figure out how to live more connected to the land. And not to do this as an individual, but as part of a strong community committed to serving the greater good. I also love that there is now a Folk School held right here at Living Well!”


“I love the river, the trees, and the open meadow of the community park. Although as an individual I could never have owned a property like this one, as a member of the Living Well Community, it’s mine to enjoy.”


“I absolutely love coming home to Living Well, where we all focus on caring for each other, growing our own food, and sharing our spiritual journeys.  My dog and I walk the trails every day, stopping to chat with neighbors working in their kitchen gardens as we go along.  It feels like country here because we have 126 acres and dense woods, but we are within a mile or two of town.  Best of both worlds! I enjoy our workdays in the community garden, harvesting and putting up food together, yoga, music jam sessions and many, many potlucks.”


“After watching developments all over our beautiful Mother Earth, in 2011, my husband and I made the decision to build an energy-efficient home in a beautiful, virgin place, with natural water close by, copious gardening opportunities, neighbors of similar outlook, and the resources to build and grow what people need to keep themselves alive if more difficult times should become a reality. If difficult times do not challenge  our future, I am happy being “stuck” with an energy-efficient home in a beautiful,  virgin place, with natural water close by, copious  gardening  opportunities, neighbors  of similar outlook, and a wonderful, peaceful  quality of life. I’ll just have to put up with it! As I write this, I am looking out of my great room windows directly into the tree canopy, blowing gently with uncharacteristically cool July breezes; I am listening to dozens of birds enjoying themselves at our feeders. Gratitude is by far my primary emotion.”