Our Community


Our four core values of sustainability, health & wellness, honoring the sacred, and service to the greater good are all exercised around our passion for accessing fresh, local, organically produced food.

Edible landscaping is encouraged on both private and community owned land. Blueberries and raspberries dot the perimeter of the neighborhood park, not far from the climbing kiwi trellised alongside the cob oven. A pear tree and ginkgo tree started our orchard, and we've added another pear, and a sour cherry, apple, and plum.

Workdays are an opportunity for lively conversation and getting our hands dirty in the community garden and park. We have many talented and avid gardeners with a strong commitment to growing organic fruits and veggies, and doing it with one another.


Our community is open, affirming, and non-hierarchical in how it governs itself. All owners have agreed to covenants outlining the basic ideas for living respectfully with each other and with the land. We hold a monthly business meeting of the full community and have formed smaller committees that look more closely at issues and bring informed proposals for significant decisions to the larger community. We use a consensus process for decision making where we consider everyone’s interests and find a solution we can all honor.


Many of us moved to Living Well to do our small part in creating a neighborhood that is responding to the pressing ecological and societal issues of our times. In raising our own consciousness, we hope to stimulate the debate and promote the manifestation of a new, more interdependent, regenerative culture and lifestyle.

Mutual Care

Need help during an illness? We’ve got you covered with a freshly prepared meal, help around the house, or a trip to the store or doctor.

  • Conservation Easement - Fifty-three acres nestled along Sandy Creek and the Deep River will remain natural and available for walking by all. As you hike the Rail Trail or cross through the woods, a well-trained eye will often spot wild edibles ready for picking.

  • Neighborhood Park and Future Orchard (approximately 2 acres) - Resting above the residential lots, the park is positioned well as a casual outdoor meeting space, for afternoon fun, stargazing on a cool dark night, or having a pizza party at the cob oven.

  • Tool Share - Two sheds conveniently shelter everything we’ll need for a community workday on the hill or in the garden.

  • Ride Share - Why take two vehicles when one gives us a chance to catch up, save gas, and be kind to Mother Earth.

  • Recycling/Garbage - As you walk to get the daily mail, bring along the garbage or recycling. It’s all centrally housed in a beautiful timber-framed corral.

  • Greenway - The Deep River Trail and Greenway, in the shade of the woods with the sound of rushing river water, provides Living Well Community members and the general public easy access to downtown Franklinville and hiking & biking paths.