Improved Lots
to build your dreams on

We currently have property for sale.  

A unique aspect of the Living Well Community is the variety of intended land uses. There are currently two kinds of residential options (called here patio and mixed-use). Future sections include a small business / commercial district, tiny house and cluster housing areas, and separate 10-acre farm.

An appealing aspect is the variety of homes that have been built here so far, including timber frame, Deltec, Vastu, hempcrete, ultralow toxins, and Net-Zero energy designs. All follow established green building guidelines. 

Click here to view the Conceptual Plan for the future of our 126-acre tract.

A note about outdoor cats --

The topic of outdoor cats is an ongoing discussion among the Living Well community. Ultimately, we strive to strike a balance between welcoming cat owners and protecting our local ecosystem (among other concerns). Additionally, the town of Franklinville has an ordinance that says animals must not run at large. If you are a cat owner and considering joining our community, please inquire regarding this evolving dialogue. We want to ensure that prospective buyers are as informed as possible.

Patio Home Lots - (approximately 1/12 acre)

Mixed-Use Lots - (varying sizes mostly around 1/3 acre - residential, commercial, or combination of both uses)